1. Reset Your Mood – Dual slide mood scale to understand your feelings
  2. Connect – Auto-alerts to help your support system help you
  3. Feel Strong – Gamified small steps for quick relief and long term replacement of  anxiousness and sadness with focus and motivation.

NeuraBoot is emotional support and self-care designed to help users develop awareness and emotional strength. NeuraBoot does not diagnose or treat medical or health conditions and does not provide medical advice. If you are suffering from intense emotions or feelings of wanting to harm yourself or others, seek professional medical help immediately.

Track your Mood

The My Mood section of the app helps you deeply identify how you feel, the first step in understanding how to manage your emotions.  Intense heavy feelings generate an alert to members of your support system, to let them know when you need them the most.

Community & Support

The alert to your support system includes helpful tips so your family and friends can better understand you and how to help you. Most family and friends want to help – they just do not understand how. We can help.

Action Steps

Small action steps, performed day after day, result in real changes.  As you select and complete each quick and fun step, you will begin to see yourself differently.  You will earn badges and levels as you infuse yourself with love, worth, calm, strength, empathy and courage.

Stay Focused

Consistency is key.  We make it easy to improve mental strength and emotional resilience with small fun steps that add up to big change.  You decide which steps to choose.  You are in control.

Manage Stress

Stress can be caused by external events but it is controlled by our internal reactions.  Taking care of our ourselves helps us easily navigate the biggest of problems.  As you select and complete action steps, your stress will dissipate.  You are more in control of your life than you ever realized.

Overcome Anxious Feelings

There is an old saying that worry is like a rocking chair.  It will give you something to do but it will not get you anywhere.  You are valuable.  You are needed.  We want to help you kick anxious feelings to the curb so you can fully discover and practice your gifts.


When we nourish ourselves in each of the 5 categories below, we gain a reboot where our mind and heart can weather anything life throws at us. As you practice the fun steps, your emotional transformation will begin taking place. You will begin to create a space for yourself where you feel strong, creative, happy and giving.


We fundamentally require connection.  Connection to ourselves, to a higher purpose and to others.  The action steps will help you build all three, helping you feel strong, whole, content and ready.


Because we are housed in a physical body, we require the right food, supplements, sleep, inspiration and relaxation time.   Our fast pace and fast food is not always conducive to our needs.  We help you incorporate these pieces back in, as you choose, on your time.

Energy Release

We are energetic beings.  Releasing pent up and stuffed energy is key to our mental wellness and emotional well-being.  When life is sedentary our emotional health pays the price.  As you select and complete our quick and easy energy release action steps, your strength and power will grow.


As children, we are sponges.  Endlessly curious, open to possibilities, eager to take it all in.  The happiest, most productive people nurture and feed their inner spark to learn and grow.  Because of this they are never bored, not matter their environment.   Our awareness based action steps will keep your mind on fire.


We crave it.  So much so, that when life is too easy we are miserable.  Without realizing it, we subconsciously create chaos and drama, especially relationship and financial drama, as an outlet to simply feel alive. Our biological need for this is real.  Channeling it into something constructive is the key.  Incredible fulfillment comes from accepting challenge and experiencing struggle.  The pain you feel from working through something hard makes you feel alive.   Pushing past our limits for a solid purpose is a rush like no other.  We’ll give you plenty of outlets to challenge yourself.

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