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Mood Scale

Deeply identify how you feel.  Intense heavy feelings auto alert to your supporters, when you want.


The alert to your support system includes helpful tips so your family and friends can better understand you and how to help you. 

Quick Relief

On demand action steps kick sadness, anxiousness and anger to the curb.  Earn badges and levels as you build emotional resilience.



We fundamentally require connection.  Our proven steps will build it, helping you feel strong and whole.


Because we are housed in a physical body, we require the right food, supplements, sleep, inspiration and relaxation time.   We’ll help you make great choices to perform at your best.

Energy Release

We are energetic beings.  Releasing pent up and stuffed energy is key to our mental wellness and emotional well-being.  Let loose with us!


As children, we are sponges.  Endlessly curious and full of spark.  Never be bored again!  We’ll keep your mind on fire.


We crave it.  When life is too easy we are miserable.  Without realizing it, we subconsciously create chaos and drama, especially relationship and financial drama, as an outlet to simply feel alive. Our biological need for this is real.   Let us challenge you.


NeuraBoot is emotional support and self-care designed to help users develop awareness and emotional strength. NeuraBoot does not diagnose or treat medical or health conditions and does not provide medical advice. If you are suffering from intense emotions or feelings of wanting to harm yourself or others, seek professional medical help immediately.