Peak Emotional Functioning

NeuraBoot, is more than a database of quick relief action steps to reset your mood and fine tune your mindset.  It is also a mood collaborator.  

NeuraBoot lets supporters know exactly what you need, when you need it most.

3 Facts About Mental Health

1) In peer reviewed science based studies, individuals show significant benefit from simply sharing their feelings with another.

2) Individuals may be more likely to access professional mental health care when encouraged to do so by a peer.

3) individuals may lack the emotional energy to reach out to a peer or loved one when they are struggling, or hesitate to do so due to fears of rejection or being viewed as a burden.

Mood Collaboration

Slide the mood tracker. Select the feeling.  Receive encouragement from those you know and trust.

Quick Relief Action Steps

Swipe through quick relief action steps, customized to your mood.  Select, complete, feel better.

Connect to Professionals

Having a mood?  View your therapist’s calendar right now, in real time, and easily select the appointment day and time you want.

40% of US College Students Drop Out Every Year

often due to unmanaged stress, anxiety and depression

Susie, a college student is struggling from significant anxiety and depression. She feels heavy pressure from her parents to do well but she also feels pressure to fit in at school.  She feels torn between the peer pressure of social events and the stress incurred from her parents. She feels she may be inadequate to handle her schoolwork but is scared to ask for help.  She constantly fears what will happen if her grades are low.

She worries incessantly and has started drinking to cope with her anxiety. She knows she needs help but doesn’t know who to tell or what to do.  She doesn’t really know how to access the student wellness therapy offerings and she really does not want to tell her troubles to a stranger.  How will they help, she thinks?  They don’t know what my parents are like or what stress I’m under.  She hasn’t made enough close friends at school yet to talk to, plus everyone is too caught up in partying.  She feels lost and alone.

Susie’s story is all too common.  She needs a warm handoff to someone she knows and trusts, who can then encourage her to seek professional help if  needed.   How do we bridge from Susie’s needs to the professional services the college offers? And how do we secure enough help that we can meet the need of all the Susie’s at college? How do we even find out who is suffering and needs help?

With NeuraBoot, Susie, in a time of intense uncomfortable emotions, is immediately connected to one or more of her closest supporters, without having to personally reach out.  With the app’s patent pending mood collaborator technology, her supporters are alerted (with Susie’s permission) when Susie is feeling overwhelmingly anxious, heavy with sadness over a bad grade, or extremely upset.   Once alerted by the detailed custom text, her supporter can reach out, listen, validate and help encourage Susie to seek professional help if needed.

In a time of crisis, students often hesitate to turn to a stranger, even if they are a therapist.  In that moment, often what they first need is a warm, familiar voice.

Are you ready to support someone who needs you?

Download the NeuraBoot app today and share it with them.

When a user takes the mood scale and it indicates intense emotions, the supporters they have set up will automatically receive a text alert. The user can override this if they want. They are in control.

The app guides the user to identify the specific feelings underlying their mood.

The app next provides a quick relief action step corresponding to the user’s mood. This, in conjunction with the connection to the supporter, helps reset their mood.

If you are downloading the app, to help a friend, send it to them and ask them to add you as their supporter.  Assure them you will be there for them, without judgment, anytime you receive an auto-alert text from the app.  This makes all the difference in helping them feel supported.

The app tracks moods and action steps, so the user can present this data to their therapist if they like. This creates targeted productive sessions.

“NeuraBoot is a fun and exciting application that resets your mood and helps the user develop the best version of themselves by connecting experiences.”

Mobile App Daily

Watch your creativity flourish, as you honor and acknowledge your feelings.

“You’ve created a really important and worthy app that I believe will be a great asset to people, young and old, on their journeys of growth and transformation.”

Anna Yusim, MD, Psychologist

Experience the glow of mastery, as you artfully navigate your triggers and reactions.

“NeuraBoot has been a great way for me to monitor my own mental health and to take positive action steps to keep me from getting into the hole.”

Loren T., Alabama

Feel your step lighten, as you throw off the weight of heavy emotions.

Ready to Begin?

Three Steps to be Transformed

Download the NeuraBoot App

It’s free for the first 7 days.  Because we want to be a part of improving mental health.

Enter the supporters you trust

When you are struggling with intense sadness, anxiety or anger, your supporter will be notified of your mood,  your specific feeling and reminded of your love language…without you having to say a word.

Try a quick relief action step

The steps are easy, fun and will help you feel the mood you want to feel.

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