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With NeuraBoot, the first ever patent pending mood
tracker that notifies your supporters for you, so they know exactly what you need, when you need it most.

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed or heavy... or know someone who feels that way?


Your mind loops on themes of “if only” and “what if I hadn’t done that.” You find yourself spending hours dwelling on the past or wishing things were different.


Life is coming at you from so many angles. You don’t know what to do first. You feel uneasy and on edge much of the time.


You feel so easily triggered. You find yourself snapping at your partner, the kids, the dog. Deep down you just want to be loving, but you can’t seem to stop snapping and overreacting.

I see so many people walking with their heads down.

That used to be my own daughter

My daughter struggled with anxiety and depression throughout high school. As a result, she was unmotivated and withdrawn. I didn’t understand why and it caused a great deal of tension between us. I saw this beautiful, talented girl drifting and it was so frustrating.

I tried rah rah speeches, removal of privileges, and lectures.

One day, after an especially difficult confrontation, I stopped my lectures and speeches. I sat cross legged across from her and took her hands in mine. I said, “I can see that you have pain inside. I do not understand exactly why and I don’t know whether you will ever be comfortable sharing it with me. But know I am here and I love you and we are going to get through this.”

Her eyes glistened. Her shoulders relaxed. She never said a word.

A few hours later, she came to me with a “cheat sheet” she had created. It explained, beautifully, what her specific actions meant, and how I could best help her in that moment.

One column showed her behaviors, like laying in bed all day or slamming her bedroom door or refusing to interact with the family. The middle column said what that meant, like “I’m feeling insecure.” “I am stressed.” ” I feel worthless.” The third column said what she needed. And the things she listed in that column, the things she needed from me, as her supporter, were the simplest things ever. Like, take my phone gently away, and invite me to go on a walk. Give me a cup of tea and a hug and remind me I’m enough. Tell me to go take a warm bath or call a friend. But say it like you care, not like I’m in trouble.

I was stunned. That was it? That’s what those behaviors meant? That’s all I had to do to help her? I was ecstatic.

As I began to use her suggestions for ways to help her during an episode, we found her episodes passed much more quickly.  Moods that used to last days were now over in minutes.  She built more positive action steps into her life to cope and she began to feel better. She often said that at the moment of her sadness or anxiety, she couldn’t think and didn’t know what to do. She needed me to notice her struggle and help her be reminded of what could help.

From that, NeuraBoot was born.

If this sounds like you, or someone you love, download the NeuraBoot app today.

Commit to being a supporter for someone who needs you

Download the NeuraBoot app today

NeuraBoot is emotional support to help you finally make real progress in managing your feelings.

When a user takes the mood scale and it indicates intense emotions, the supporters they have set up will automatically receive a text alert. They can override this if they want. They are in control.

The app next helps the user identify the specific feelings underlying their mood. This is the first step in learning how to control feelings.

The app next provides an inspiring, motivating, or coaching quick action step corresponding to the user’s mood. This, in conjunction with the connection to the supporter, helps reset their mood.  

If you are downloading the app, to help a friend, send it to them and ask them to add you as their supporter.  Assure them you will be there for them, without judgment, anytime you receive an auto-alert text from the app.  This makes all the difference in helping them feel supported.

 In addition to connecting users and supporters, the app tracks  moods and action steps, so the user can  present this data to their therapist if they like. This creates targeted productive sessions.


"NeuraBoot is a fun and exciting application that resets your mood and helps the user develop the best version of themselves by connecting experiences."

Mobile App Daily

Watch your creativity flourish, as you honor and acknowledge your feelings.

"You've created a really important and worthy app that I believe will be a great asset to people, young and old, on their journeys of growth and transformation."

Anna Yusim, MD, Psychologist

Experience the glow of mastery, as you artfully navigate your triggers and reactions.

"NeuraBoot has been a great way for me to monitor my own mental health and to take positive action steps to keep me from getting into the hole."

Loren T., Alabama

Feel your step lighten, as you throw off the weight of heavy emotions.

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Three Steps to be Transformed

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Enter the supporters you trust

When you are struggling with intense sadness, anxiety or anger, your supporter will be notified of your mood,  your specific feeling and reminded of your love language…without you having to say a word.

Try a quick relief action step

The steps are easy, fun and will help you feel the mood you want to feel.

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