What if your emptiness were filled? What if you felt joy, really felt it? What if your pain melted away and was replaced with creativity, passion, purpose? What if you finally felt emotionally connected and plugged in?  What if you finally had the emotional energy to help others? What would that feel like?

The Neuraboot App works in 3 ways:

  1. The dual slide mood scale helps you understand your deepest feelings.
  2. The notification feature alerts your support system when you are ready for help and connection.
  3. The personalized, gamified small steps reboot and, over time, reprogram thought patterns and behaviors to replace anxiousness, sadness and anger, with self-worth, compassion and focus.

Anxiousness, sadness and anger are emotions we all have. NeuraBoot is your road map to emotional support and self-care. When you fully process and release heavy emotions, by connecting with yourself and your support system, you feel lighter, freer, more loving, present and creative. You free up energy to help others rise. Heavy emotions do not define you. They are simply emotions. We will help you toss off the blanket of heavy emotions, so you can rise, be seen and help others.

To explain how it all began, here is a testimonial:

“5 years ago I struggled with deep depression and anxiety. There were days I could not get out of bed. For years I felt no one understand, and no one could help me. My mom was often frustrated with my lack of motivation and my inconsistency with school and tasks. One day, she tried something different. My mom sat on my bed cross legged in front of me, held my hands and said “I know you have deep pain. I do not know why and I know you may not be comfortable telling me yet. Know that I am here and I will listen when you are ready.” That simple acknowledgement changed everything between us. I developed a cheat sheet for her that explained what certain of my behaviors meant and how she could help. I also developed action steps for myself to do, things I could choose to do instead of staying on my phone for hours. Over time, we used these tools to build NeuraBoot. I still struggle at times, but knowing she is in my support system now and knowing I have action steps for myself have helped me begin to find real joy and love in my life. It has given me strength and courage to seek professional help when I need it. Most importantly, I am now beginning to have the energy, passion and purpose to help others. Often family and friends of those who suffer anxiety or depression do not know how to help. They may try to analyze, fix or judge the problem. What they do not realize, is that sometimes, we just need to know they are there and they accept us.  We need them to know that our emotions are sometimes a storm but they will pass through, and we need them to stick with us and simply acknowledge our difficulty, especially during the most intense times.”

To contact us: info@neuraboot.com

NeuraBoot provides emotional growth and resiliency resources and is not a replacement for professional medical or psychiatric care. NeuraBoot does not diagnose or treat mental health conditions.