Why NeuraBoot?

Science based help

It seems like in this post Covid era, more than ever, people feel a void.  Like there’s something  missing? 

This sense of unrest is real. And often, it’s the need to connect. The need to connect to yourself and the need to connect to others.

Intense feelings feel better when shared. 

Science shows that healthy connections help us feel less stressed and more motivated. 

Have you ever struggled with sadness, anxiousness, or anger, and did not know how to tell those closest to you?   You stayed silent, finding it too hard to explain, or not wanting to be a burden.   Yet, when we do not share, the thoughts loop in our mind and the feelings stay heavy.

NeuraBoot does three things. 

  1. Makes it easy to digitally share intense feelings with your supporter or health consultant
  2. Makes it easy for your supporter or health consultant to collaborate with you on navigating your mood and feelings
  3. Makes it easy for you to schedule help with a professional

Are you still numbing out your feelings by over-shopping, over-eating, over-working, or other addictions or compulsions?

Are you ready to stop feeling triggered and start feeling calm and centered?

Are you ready to face your feelings, knowing the only true path out, is through?

Download the NeuraBoot App today. 

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