Why NeuraBoot?

Do you sometimes feel like you're silently searching for more?

Like there’s something you’re missing out on? There’s that thing, you can’t quite touch it, but you know it’s there.

This sense of unrest is real. And oftentimes, it’s the need to connect. The need to connect to yourself and the need to connect to others.

Because within those connections lie the ability to give and receive love, the ability to find and use our gifts, and the ability to unlock our creativity so we can live our true purpose.

That’s why NeuraBoot was created. To walk that journey with you, every step of the way. To make sure those you care about the most are there in your time of greatest need and in your time of highest joy. To help you capture your moods, identify and share your feelings, and log your thoughts.

To gently remind you to take active self-care connection steps often with our quick relief action steps.

And then to capture all that data in progress reports.

How does it work?  Often individuals struggle with sadness, anxiousness, or anger, and those closest to them do not even know.  You may find yourself struggling silently, not saying anything because you find it too hard to explain, or you do not want to be a burden.

With NeuraBoot, it’s easy.  When you first set up your profile, you enter phone numbers or emails of those who you would like to be your supporters.  In the app, you use the sliding button mood scale to select your mood and its intensity.  If you are experiencing an uncomfortable mood at high intensity, the app offers to notify your supporters.  If you agree, the app sends an auto-alert text or email, notifying your users of your mood, its intensity and the specific feeling you’re experiencing.  Honest communication of real feelings is the most effective way to strengthen relationships, and yet, it is the thing most people find the hardest.  We make it easy. 

Your supporters will know exactly how you feel,  and will respond much more positively to you in your time of need than if you were to mope, be withdrawn, act out or push them away due to your feelings.   When they respond positively, you’ll feel safe, and able to share more.  Through this process, you will heal and grow and your connections will deepen.   Even better, they will learn that they can share their honest feelings with you as well.  Trust will build and you will both share and grow together.

Once you watch yourself grow, you’ll want to grow more.

It is through this process, you will become the strongest, lightest, most creative version of yourself.  

Are you still numbing out your feelings by over-shopping, over-eating, over-working, or other addictions or compulsions?

Are you ready to stop feeling triggered and start feeling calm and centered?

Are you ready to face your feelings, knowing the only true path out, is through?

Download the NeuraBoot App today. 

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