Five Factors to Feeling Full

By SM  /  May 19, 2020
Never in our history have we seen so much anxiety and depression, suicide and substance abuse. Why? What has changed? Our world is moving fast and some of the ways we formerly met core emotional needs no longer inherently exist in our way of life.  How do we…
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Apocalyptic Feelings

By SM  /  March 21, 2020
Why does the end of a relationship sometimes feel like the end of the world? 42% of people who commit suicide allegedly do so due to relationship issues.  Why?  7.5 billion people on the planet and we humans are willing to kill ourselves if ONE does not like…
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Questions Are a Hug for the Brain

By SM  /  March 15, 2020
People often ask me how to help their son or daughter, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend deal with anxiety, depression or anger.   Sometimes, the answer is in seeking professional mental health care.   But that’s only part of the solution.   This is because there is a big difference…
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