“NeuraBoot has helped me so much. I moved out of my country to a new country. This in itself is hard enough however NeuraBoot has helped me be able to express my feelings with my family even when they are thousands of miles away. This makes them and me feel so much better because if I am having a bad day I can go on and log it to my NeuraBoot, sending updates to my family. This is great because I have always been afraid to reach out to them because of the time difference but now I don’t have to worry because I know even if I don’t feel confident to reach out my NeuraBoot will do it for me. This app is much better than any others I have used due to it being simple to navigate when you are in your bad moments.”  Shannon L, Au Pair, relocated to AL from London

“You’ve created a really important and worthy app that I believe will be a great asset to people, young and old, on their journeys of growth and transformation… I’m thrilled to help shepherd this project into the world.” Anna Yusim, MD, NYC Psychiatrist and author of the book Fulfilled. Most recently, Anna’s article was featured on the cover of Psychology Today June 2018.

“I’ve been using Neuraboot for about a month. I’m a big fan of mindfulness practices in my daily life and have used other apps in this space. As a strong believer in clinical psychology, I really appreciate that Neuraboot is clinically backed. I also enjoy the app prompting me to check in with how I’m feeling and providing multiple actionable options to help in that moment – in the more challenging moments, I’m equipped with tools to be proactive rather than flounder, and, in the better moments, I’m equipped with tools to help continue on that positive track.” Ellen P, Senior Digital Media Consultant, AL

Ellen P, Senior Digital Media Consultant, AL “NeuraBoot has been a great way for me to monitor my own mental health and to take positive action steps to keep me from getting deep into “the hole.” It’s easy to use and I have recommended it to several friends and, most especially, parents with teenagers!” Loren T, Director of Program Development, Al