How Do I Help My Partner (Or Teen) Share Their Feelings?

Over the last few years, I have learned that many who are close to me struggled with sadness, anxiousness or anger, that was at times incapacitating for them.  Often, they struggled silently and did not say anything until after the fact.  I wished I had known, so I could have helped.  Today, I can.

None of us should assume that our loved ones will have the energy and courage to ask us for help in their time of greatest need.  Rather, it is our job to make it easy for them.  

We created the NeuraBoot app to be a mood tracker that auto alerts your supporters, with a way to easily share feelings, so we can all more easily give and receive an emotional lift. 

If you need a lift, download the app and add a loved one as your supporter.  The app will text them for permission to support you.  If you know someone who needs a lift, download the app and ask them to download it, too.  Tell them to add you.  Let them know you are their support. 

Let’s make helping each other a lot easier and make solving mental health issues all of our responsibility.  



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