Calling All Therapists

We know the work you do is hard

What if you had a tool to give your clients?

That you could help customize?

Do you ever feel like your counseling and therapy clients are not making as much progress as you wish they would? Does it feel like they cannot stay on track between sessions? Do they sometimes come to a session with very little to talk about, yet desperately need you two days later when you are fully booked?

As a result, are you experiencing burn-out? Would seeing a snapshot of your client’s prior week’s mood trends and action steps help you create more targeted sessions for them?

There are two hurdles to traditional scheduled appointment therapy. One is that it often occurs on a day a client is feeling just fine, and doesn’t really have much to talk about. Two is that it is hard to keep patients on track between sessions. Consistency brings results, but how do you keep clients consistently “doing the work”?

What if there were a tool that could help be your client’s emotional strength coach, in between sessions with you? What if there was a way to make sure your clients consistently did the work you give them to do?

An App for You

Join our team of therapists who use the NeuraBoot app to review Progress and Trends with their patients during sessions. Find out when your client needs you the most. See faster progress and real results.

No cost or obligation

Our therapists program comes at no cost to you. Simply join and we’ll provide you with materials to help measure the difference the app is making in your sessions.

"NeuraBoot is a fun and exciting application that resets your mood and helps the user develop the best version of themselves by connecting experiences."

Mobile App Daily

"You've created a really important and worthy app that I believe will be a great asset to people, young and old, on their journeys of growth and transformation."

Anna Yusim, MD, Psychologist

"NeuraBoot has been a great way for me to monitor my own mental health and to take positive action steps to keep me from getting into the hole."

Loren T., Alabama

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